‘The Tor Trilogy: The King Sword,’ by Micah I. Cooley

The two kingdoms of Arinon and Caledon lie sunken in the folds of deception and tyranny after the death of Arinon’s king and the mysterious disappearance of the King Sword.

Attacked by ruthless assassins of a legendary race, Theadrin and his sister are suddenly thrust from their quiet life into a world they never expected to know. Myran, a young man driven to a lonely life, becomes an invaluable friend to Theadrin on his journey to discover a hidden truth. But events darken when they realize that the usurper of Arinon’s throne has only been a pawn in the hand of one far more dangerous.

Join Theadrin and Myran’s quest through wars, struggles of faith, and wild lands of mysterious legend to find the one safeguard against deception.

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‘Three Red Lions: The Flame of Ram,’ by Israel I. Cooley

For centuries, an ancient evil has slept shrouded in darkness beneath the ruins of a forgotten civilization. Now a tyrant has arisen across the western ocean whose thirst for knowledge and power threatens to unleash this wickedness. When the king of the Emerald Isle receives a powerful vision warning of the encroaching danger, he sends his three sons-Aedan, Bryn, and Llew across the unknown waters to discover the truth.

Joined by Valentus, a youth with an undiscovered past, and Aayliyah, a mysterious young woman living alone in a long abandoned city, the brothers face many dangers that will put their courage and faith to the test. They must learn to trust the Most High God as they battle the mythical sargaroth and fight for their lives against enemies they never imagined existed. Before their journey ends, they will learn that all who rely on their own strength will fail.


‘Across the Desert Sands,’ A Novel, by Stephen N. Cooley










The Tor Trilogy: The Ancient Book,’ by Micah I. Cooley

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